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Alessandro* isn’t ready to give up control. He’d always looked forward to retirement – traveling, enjoying his pension, and living on his own schedule. But now that he’s gotten to that age, he’s just not ready to give up his leadership position. He doesn’t trust anyone else to do the job “the right way,” so he clings to his role desperately. But it’s taking a toll on him. He can’t sleep at night, and his blood pressure medication seems to be less effective. Recently, he had a panic attack that landed him in the ER. Something needs to change.

Adriana* worries she has nothing left to give. Her whole life has been about helping people who couldn’t care for themselves. In addition to her volunteer work, she has children, a busy spouse, pets, and a household to look after. It’s always been her job to ensure everyone else is doing well. But lately, resentment has started to build. She wonders why everything has to fall to her. Why is it always me who has to sacrifice? She’s spent so long neglecting her own needs that she’s lost touch with herself. She’s scared that one more ask could be the thing that finally pushes her over the edge.

Lakshmi* feels betrayed. She found out that her partner had been unfaithful, and she was determined to exact justice. To some degree, she blames herself for always being so accommodating and passive, as though her husband’s infidelity is her fault somehow. She always believed that if she was open, honest, and followed a moral code, her behavior would be reciprocated. Now, she’s questioning every choice she’s made. How can I ever trust again? Her defenses are permanently on high alert – she can’t relax, she’s always suspicious, and conflict seems to follow her everywhere.

Lauren* can’t get anything done. Her inbox is overflowing with unread emails, and work is piling up at the office. Her home is a mess, and she can’t remember the last time she exercised. She promises to catch up tomorrow, but the next morning she oversleeps, and her plans never come to fruition. Things weren’t always this way. She used to be a go-getter. But her previous job sucked the life out of her, and she promised never again to neglect pleasure in favor of work. But now, the equilibrium has shifted. And even things that are meant to be fun cause guilt. She just can’t find the right balance.

What if there is another way?

You’re tired of the constant disconnection, self-doubt,
grief, and burnout.

Continuing along the same path will only lead you further from where you’re trying to get.

If you want a different outcome, you need to do something different. That’s where we come in.

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Here at CEPS, we believe that every single person has what it takes to engage in a journey of self-healing.

We’ll collaborate with you to create a plan that meets your unique needs and strengths and pair you with the skilled clinician who best suits you. Seeking help is never easy, but we want to make getting started as seamless as possible.

Together, we’ll dig and explore the root causes of your issues and discover how the behavior patterns you’ve developed over time are no longer serving you.

We offer bilingual services and help clients regardless of race, gender, sexuality, political affiliation, or religious beliefs.

Don’t suffer alone anymore. We can find a way forward. Reach out now, and let’s get started today!

Alessandro emailed us at the insistence of his primary care physician, and seeking a psychological consultation wasn’t an easy decision. As Alessandro felt increasingly open to letting go of his need for control, he began to see changes in how his team and colleagues related to him. His stress levels decreased, leading to better sleep, and his doctor didn’t have to increase the dose of his blood pressure medication.

Adriana found our website during a late-night google search and was able to immediately schedule a time to talk with our Client Care Coordinator. She began working with us and felt seen and understood by her therapist. Within a few months of treatment, Adriana had set clear internal and external boundaries to protect her time and energy and advocate for her needs and wants. The resentment building up over time finally subsided, and she reclaimed her ability to experience peace and joy daily.

Lakshmi and her husband had stopped seeing progress in couples therapy. She was referred to us for individual work to help her heal from the trauma of infidelity, as it was becoming evident that the betrayal was awakening old wounds from childhood. In therapy, Lakshmi understood that her anger kept her trapped in an emotional jail with her husband. She finally brought compassion toward herself, leading to eventual forgiveness and, most importantly, an experience of freedom that was entirely new.

Lauren’s burnout didn’t show up all of a sudden. It was slowly building up for the last five years of never-ending demands typical in the international humanitarian field. She had left her previous job hoping that taking a month off before starting her new position would be enough to help her get back to her “normal self.” Through our work together, Lauren noticed her levels of motivation, focus, and follow-through had been re-established to her previous level of functioning.

There is hope!

We’ve helped many clients continue in their self-development journey so they could restore balance and redefine meaning in their life… and we can help you, too.

If you’re ready to try something different, call us now. Let’s make this journey together.

*The above names and stories are composite narratives and not actual clients.