International Professionals

Like you, our therapists have lived and worked internationally. Here, you won’t have to explain the challenges of working in a second language, the feeling of having to constantly prove yourself among American colleagues, or the grief of losing your prior professional identity.

We also understand the challenges of raising children in a culture with different values. You’re living with your heart split between two places and two families—those of your old and those of your new home.

Our bilingual (Spanish-English) team is well-suited to working with ex-pats and immigrants from Latin America and Spain.

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Perinatal Mental Health for Professional Mothers and Women Entrepreneurs

As trauma-informed therapists, we understand that becoming a mother for the first, second, or fifth time can be complex in so many ways.

Early attachment experiences are extremely important in our development as human beings, and we’re here to support you during this critical time.

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Terapia en Español

Un proceso terapéutico es una de las relaciones emocionales más íntimas y vulnerables que podemos establecer en la búsqueda de una vida plena con menos sufrimiento.

Nuestros clientes Hispanos tienen la oportunidad de vivir sus procesos terapéuticos en su idioma nativo, el español. Ya sea en terapia individual o de pareja, te sentirás más libre y más en contacto con quien tu realmente eres.

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Medical and Legal Professional Development Groups

We offer Balint-style professional development groups to help professionals working in high-stress professions deal with the emotional challenges unique to their jobs.

These groups are a powerful tool for medical and legal professionals looking to improve their emotional well-being and enhance the quality of care they provide to their patients or clients.

Find out more about what we’ll do in these groups.