International Professionals

1572234514Do you belong here… or there?

You struggle with that as an international professional living in the U.S.

The opportunity to work in the U.S. was a dream come true: working for a prestigious organization known worldwide for its charitable mission.

You’ve navigated various shifts in your career, but you might not have been prepared for the uneasiness of feeling like you don’t completely belong here.

It hasn’t been easy…

Sometimes, you feel you have to work twice as hard to prove your worth.

Or you had to deal with the hassles of your home country’s diploma or credentials not being fully recognized in the U.S.

And what about your internal conflicts about those you’ve left behind? They had a hard time understanding why you had to move so far away, and you’re constantly reminded of that when you go “home” for “vacation.”

The total opposite is also common. Your dad is so proud of you for having made it in the U.S., so you have a nagging fear that you’ll disappoint him if you “fail.”

What if your family knew things weren’t as good as they thought?

1256001364You’ve always been the warrior, the high-achiever.

Your family and friends have looked up to you since you were very young.

But lately, particularly since you received that not-so-stellar performance review, you’ve been having anxiety attacks. You’ve barely left your home in three weeks. Your sick leave is exhausted, so you’re considering taking a medical absence.

You’ve always been known for your tenacity. It’s what has made you successful at what you do.

But grieving your past professional identity is taking a heavy toll on your mind and body.

At CEPS, we get it!

Like you, our therapists have experience working and living internationally.

You won’t have to over-explain to us the challenges of working in a second language, the feeling of having to constantly prove yourself among American colleagues, or the grief of losing your prior professional identity.

We understand the challenges of raising children or having a partner in a culture with different values. We’ve been there!

We know what it’s like to live with a heart split between your old home and your new home. You have to navigate new boundaries with your family of origin. We can help you do that.

As a bilingual (Spanish-English) team, we are well-suited to work with ex-pats and immigrants from Latin America and Spain.

We understand your concerns about working in therapy with someone who can fully get you.

We are here for you. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation: (202) 556-0953.